Lenny Bruce- 'The Lie'- 25 Unedited Minutes From San Francisco, '61- 'The Curran Theater Concert'- Some Portions Heard Only On Out Of Print Box Sets!

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It was a rainy, dreamless San Francisco night in August of ‘61. Lenny played the Curran Theater to a devoted crowd of 500. Other venues had been removed from his grasp due to obscenity busts. He was targeted as a threat to civil discourse. In reality, he was the essence of that very concept. On that night he riffed for 3 hours on topics, moving like Miles Davis or Gerry Mulligan from one chord and mood to the next. It was beautiful. It was pure. It was Lenny. And so we now groove within one of the comedic arts finer moments. Ladies and Gentlemen. Lenny Bruce.

By Rich Buckland 06/25/2012 01:25 PM

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