Newport Broadside- Topical Songs At The Newport Folk Festival, 1963- Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Sam Hinton, Bob Davenport, The Freedom Singers-The Original Vanguard Vinyl Release-Side One

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The true Topical song may very well have vanished from the American landscape. It requires a devotion to musical heritage as well as current events to shape such melodic messages. America may be suffering from a devotional drought and heritage memory loss when it comes to Topical Tunes. These recordings catch the fertile fragrance of what the air sounded like when the guitars sounded and the call went out to one and all to embrace the Pastures of Plenty. Side One- 1) Ye Playboys and Playgirls: Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger- 2) The Willing Conscript: Tom Paxton- 3) Rambling Boy: Tom Paxton- 4) Taliking Atomic Blues: Sam Hinton- 5) Come All Ye Gallant Drivers: Bob Davenport- 6) Fighting For Rights, 7) I Love Your Dog, 8) On Board: Freedom Singers

By Rich Buckland 04/09/2013 01:23 PM

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