Jerry Lee Lewis- 'The Mercy of A Letter'- One of 'The Killers' Finest Country Pop Performances From His 1976 Mercury LP 'Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano?'

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Jerry stated that he was as influenced by Al Jolson as he was by Hank Williams. On this track composed by Jack Foster and Bill Rice, Mr. Lewis exercises those devotions and utilizes skills few fans knew he possessed prior to his Country years and those magnificent Mercury recordings. It is difficult to calculate how many Country albums Jerry has his imprint upon, let alone the countless R&R reissues that have hit the fans during the half century plus he has been in the game. But one thing is for certain. A Song such as ‘The Mercy of A Letter’ and the vocal ache that inhabits Jerry’s performance combine to suggest the stuff of legend and an art of the heart that is no more. As The Killer himself might say, ‘Think About It Darlin’ ’.

By Rich Buckland 04/16/2013 12:05 PM

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