Leonard Cohen - Pete Seeger- From The 1977 Televison Series "All You Need Is Love" - A Slice of Episode 12 - "Go Down, Moses!: Songs of War and Protest”

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Later that summer, I was fortunate to see and hear Pete Seeger stand like a monument upon the sloop Clearwater prior to embarking upon another Hudson River journey. He had Don McLean by his side and the afternoon was enchanting in its Vista Vision melodic. The guitars sounded and seemed to wind down river forever. The air and art of protest was active but somewhat tired that season as Vietnam was discovering its endgame. Still. Yes indeed. 1974 was a very good year. The 60’s had vanished and we were just beginning to find our way through the ruins. Once stubborn ventricles consisting of sound and thought were now opening to newly conceived possibility.

By Rich Buckland 04/29/2013 10:45 AM

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