Chip Taylor - "Me As I Am" - The Man Who Gave Us "Wild Thing" and Other Treasures From The Rock, Soul and Country Mines Performs A Marvelous Work From 1977 - From The Original Warner Brothers 45 RPM Release

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‘Wild Thing’ ( Ace Records 2004) presents songs crafted by Chip. The 23 track compilation features songs performed by Aretha Franklin, The Troggs, Dusty Springfield, The Hollies, Billy Vera and Judy Clay, The Poco Seco Singers, Barbara Lewis, Walter Jackson, Evie Sands, Peggy Lee and many others.

Chip Taylor’s Seven Day’s In May (released April 1999 in the U.S) is a love story about meeting a pregnant woman named Florence at a swanky New York City bar. The CD tells the story of their 7 days together from spying her at the Pravda Bar to meeting the father of her baby. The album includes two duets with Grammy winner Lucinda Williams (Through Their Mother’s Eyes & If I Don’t Know Love”) and one duet with legendary Guy Clark.

By Rich Buckland 05/09/2013 05:01 PM

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