Alfred 'Freddie' Lennon - "That's My Love and My Life" - Beatle John's Papa Attempted Pop Music Victory With This Effort Designed To Cash In On The Flood of Fortune That Surrounded the Fab 4 In 1965

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‘By the close of 1967 father and son were reconciled and Fred often dropped around to John’s house in Kenwood for a visit. A romantic relationship had begun between Fred and nineteen-year-old student Pauline Jones. (At 56 Fred was almost three times Pauline’s age). Years later when Fred was dying John spoke to him by ‘phone from America on several occasions, even though his father could barely respond due to his illness. Alfred Lennon died from cancer on April 1st 1976. When John offered to pay the funeral expenses Pauline refused his help. John, tired of saying good-bye, did not attend the funeral.’

Adapted from Bill Harry’s ‘The Beatles Encyclopedia’, published by Virgin Publications.

By Rich Buckland 08/09/2013 01:14 PM

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