Barbara Dane and The Chambers Brothers - "It Isn't Nice" -1966 - Freedom Is Indeed a Constant Struggle and Some Songs That Filled The Civil Rights Movement are Faithful Classics - This Is a Beauty You Possibly Missed, but It's Heart is Unshakable by Time

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“This song was originally written by Malvina Reynolds, an American folk singer who was well-known for her song “Little Boxes.” She was active in movements for social justice and also wrote this song, “It Isn’t Nice,” for the civil rights movement. In 1966, just two years after the effort by civil rights activists to register African-Americans to vote known as Freedom Summer, American folk, blues & jazz singer Barbara Dane and the soul group, Chambers Brothers, released this cover version of Reynolds’ song. The song is a kind of wry political jab at anyone, who ever showed contempt for Americans struggling for the rights through protest, civil disobedience or non-violent direct action.” Kevin Gosztola -The Dissenter

By Rich Buckland 11/05/2013 02:47 PM

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