Philip Seymour Hoffman- Scenes From "Synecdoche, NY-"The Weary Contemplation of the Character Caton Cotard, an Artist Whom Philip Seymour Hoffman May Have Understood Just a Little Too Well- Mr. Hoffman Leaves Us With an Honorable, Unselfish Body of Work

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“Hoffman, no unlike Lenny Bruce, falls into a divergent artistic grade of death when it comes to self-inflicted lethal injection. Hoffman was imagination magnified, inspiration intensified and inventiveness exemplified. Jesus!! Have you seen ‘Happiness’ or ’’Synecdoche, NY’? After 23 years of sobriety he had to have known in that peculiar yet precise junkiedom fashion, that Saturday night February 1 was just another suicide mission over Broadway. When those little powdery envelopes call your name louder than you can hear your own children crying, the jig is up and over. A desperate horizon of terror overcame him and took him away, but whenever possible he gave us just about everything he owned.”

-Rich Buckland

By Rich Buckland 02/07/2014 01:24 PM

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