The Original Read-In For Peace In Vietnam- The Motivating 1967 Event Recorded At Town Hall In NYC- Featuring Susan Sontag, Arthur Miller, Tony Randall, Lillian Hellman, Maureen Stapleton, Norman Mailer, Jules Feiffer, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee and Many Others

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Prior to social media assaulting activism by creating the illusion that one could change the world by pleading through a computer, Americans designed conscientious occasions to request change. Artists were willing to regularly invest in needed political transformations regardless of consequence to career. The McCarthy era and it’s blacklist had scared the heart out of many good men and women attempting to define problems in the Nation. The 1960’s produced a resurgence of willingness to address social ills due to the brave intent of the Civil Rights movement and the grave intentions of the War In Vietnam. This reading is a poetic example of what good people can do when they refuse to remain silent in the face of deathly intrusions. “PLEASE C

By Rich Buckland 11/09/2014 09:53 AM

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