Blasters- Live In London - August 28, 1982 - Dave and Phil Alvin Founded This Rock and Blues Infused Outfit In Downey, California In 1979 - Their Sincere, Solid Sound Stands the Test of Musical Truth and the Unforgiving Nature of Time- 30 Minutes

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Dave Alvin – guitar, vocals; Phil Alvin – guitar, vocals; Lee Allen – saxophone; Steve Berlin – baritone sax; Bill Bateman – drums; John Bazz – bass; Gene Taylor – pianist

From early days growing up in the southeast Los Angeles suburb of Downey, California under the tutelage of T-Bone Walker and Big Joe Turner to their emergence as central figures in the eclectic LA punk/rock scene of the early ‘80s to their current status as internationally-renowned influences in their own right, the Blasters have spent their lives exploring and expressing the deep and diverse musical legacy that is best described by the title of their first album: American Music. - blasters.com

By Rich Buckland 11/25/2015 02:58 PM

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