"CAPTAIN BILLY’S MAGIC 8 BALL" - A New Series Created By William Mesnik, The Mind Behind “Mesmerized”- EPISODE #2 - "MY BIGGEST CRUSH" - FEATURING THE ALBUM "BLUE" by JONI MITCHELL - 1971 Reprise Records

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EPISODE #2 -: BLUE by Joni Mitchell (1971, Reprise)

From the first ringing chords of the dulcimer, and that quavering, pain-wracked voice swooning, “I am on a lonely road, and I am traveling, traveling, traveling…” I was in love – madly, permanently enamored of Joni Mitchell. Everything about her – her unmatchable talent, her neurotic self-dramatizing, her doomed romanticism… turned me on. Not sexually. My love for Joni Mitchell was purely aesthetic, but it was undeniable and achingly real. And it set me on a self-destructive path, hooking up with a succession of difficult, complicated, brilliant women. Women I could never keep, women with whom I could never feel truly at home.

I’m a sucker for talented women. Often though, such talent leaves very little oxygen to share in any room. Eventually I got wise, and after awhile my love life yielded a happier ending. But, oh, the ecstatic misery of doomed romance!

Blue is counted as one of the greatest albums ever made. This is not an obscure choice, but my truth is my truth, and I must pay homage. Listening to songs like River (I wish I had a river I could skate away on…), A Case of You (I could drink a case of you…), California (Will you take me as I am, strung out on another man….?) conjure an emotional tidal surge with no boundaries, and I was pulled in by the heady undertow of yearning.

Biographers will tell you that James Taylor, Graham Nash, and Cary Raditz (Carey, get out your cane…) are the inspirations for these songs, but 50 years on they hardly matter. What counts is that eternal voice, intimately confessing her regrets and desires to you, the listener. And then, it’s just Joni and you, alone together, locked in an artistic embrace.

“BLUE”- JONI MITCHELL – 1971 – Reprise Records 1) All I Want 2) My Old Man 3) Little Green 4) Carey 5) Blue 6) California 7) This Flight Tonight 8) River 9) A Case Of You 10) The Last Time I Saw Richard

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