Prince, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood and Dhani Harrison - “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” - Producer Joel Gallen's Remarkable 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Re- Edit

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Music fans have likely seen the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clip of Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood and Dhani Harrison performing the Beatles song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” during George Harrison’s induction ceremony. If so, they’ve seen Prince, off to the side during the verses, casually walk to center stage as the bridge approaches and proceed to pour forth a guitar solo so achingly beautiful that it’s become canon. Last week, seemingly out of the blue, veteran TV producer Joel Gallen, who directed and produced the original Hall of Fame broadcast, uploaded a re-edited version of that performance with a simple comment: “17 years after this stunning performance by Prince, I finally had the chance to go in and re-edit it slightly — since there were several shots that were bothering me. I got rid of all the dissolves and made them all cuts, and added lots more close-ups of Prince during his solo. I think it’s better now. Let me know what you think. Joel.”

We believe the improvements accent the fact that Prince Rogers Nelson was arguably the greatest practitioner of the electric six string guitar in our lifetime. This is the Holy Grail of Electrified Passion. Thank You Mr. Gallen.

By Rich Buckland 05/02/2021 02:05 PM

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