Patrick Sky - October 2, 1940 – May 26, 2021- "Live In Frisco, '64" - I first heard and met Pat 55 year’s ago. Many of you may not recall his wonder but I marveled at his gallant talent, knowledge and grace. Sleep Well Pat.

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May 26, 2021- Well, today’s a big, big sad day for me personally and for all of us songwriter music lovers. The dark? Well, he finally got there and the “yet” was removed early this morning. Patrick Sky the songwriter, singer, and Irish Uilleann bagpipe luthier has left this world into the light from a hospice in Ashville, North Carolina, but didn’t leave us for good. Songs are spirits and always remain behind. You were my label-mate at Vanguard Records. With his loving novelist and musician wife Cathy and devoted son Liam by his side, and keeping tight grips on his hand these past weeks, a hand finally slipped free, and the angels carried Pat Sky away. I recorded (as many others did) his great song “Many a Mile” and in the 60’s Village he and Buffy St. Marie and Peter LaFarge (Ira Hayes) were close friends in more ways than one. They all shared Native American descent. Pat’s was Creek from Georgia. He once fashioned a beautiful Indian mouth bow for Buffy which I hope she still plays. Pat was also close friends to the great Dave Van Ronk also known as (the “Mayor of McDougal Street.”) They were musical drinking pals at the Kettle of Fish and Pat had always had a very droll, irreverent, barbed sense of humor who could laugh at his own jokes. Always a brilliant mind and an insightful soul. But you couldn’t take the business hassles of the music scene anymore. Last time we were together was doing a concert together at the University of North Carolina and were interviewed for radio by Jeff Place of the Smithsonian Institute. Afterwards, we retired to your and Cathy’s comfy mobile home and sat in the dark in chairs outside, drinking beers, and wondering what happened to whom and where did so and so go? You were always curious and full of keen questions. I am still planning to record your great song “Nectar of God.” Heard the rumor just confirmed by your son Liam. Joni Mitchell’s song “Last Time I Saw Richard” on her album Blue was of course about you. Anyway, we are sending you big love and deep thanks for honoring us with your life and your music dear amigo, Patrick Sky, now be safe on your journey home. Don’t forget us.

Eric Anderson

1) Golden Slippers 2) Don’t Want You Hanging Around 3) South African Protest Song 4) Only Love Can Endure 5) Fatal Glass of Beer 6) Many a Mile I Have Gone 7) I’m Gonna Fall In Love with You 8) Nector Of God- The Einstein Song 9) You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond 10) Separation Blues 11) Jimmy Clay 12) Story of Jay Gould 13) Up for Grabs 14) A Girl I Once Did Own


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