BILL MESNIK - "The Holiday Grab Bag" - "FORGETFULNESS", "FAIRYTALE", "IT’S A CHOICE TO BE HAPPY", "BILLY B BADD", "LET GO", "BRING ON THE NIGHT "- These Six Songs Derive From Between 6 and 10 Years Back, Recorded With A Variety Of Capture Devices

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Happy Holidays to all! These six songs derive from between 6 and 10 years back, recorded with a variety of capture devices and techniques. FORGETFULNESS is a reaction to my mother’s anguish during her decline due to Alzheimer’s; FAIRYTALE recalls a dark moment in an otherwise ideal marriage; IT’S A CHOICE TO BE HAPPY is a happy song about the inability to experience joy; BILLY B BADD is an obvious homage to CB; LET GO passes on what I regard as some good advice; and BRING ON THE NIGHT attempts to evoke a sexy mood involving an illicit encounter. I hope you enjoy -

By Rich Buckland 12/23/2021 04:16 PM

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