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"Dig This!!! - Episode Five - Arthur Lee - Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of The King of Love, Arthur Taylor Lee

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Arthur Lee- "OnceMoreAgain"- An Authentic Wizard of Imagination and Musical Ingenuity Returned To the Stage For 2 London Performances In 1992 and 1994- The LP "Forever Changes" Resides Comfortably as One of the Finest Symphonious Collections of All Time

These audience recordings captured on DAT tape seize the reemergence of a fabled artist after a long interval.

Arthur Taylor Lee- March 7, 1945 – August 3, 2006. His magic lives on.

Track 1-12: The T&C2, Highbury, London, May 5, 1992

Track 13-18: The Garage, Highbury, London, June 3, 1994

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The Songs Of Arthur Lee and Love -"Mondo Mutiny!" - A Richieboy Record Party! - 60's Punk Bands Pulverize Arthur Lee and Love - Side One - 10 Bands Take A Voyage On The Love Boat - The Original Vinyl Release on Way Back Records, 1993

With the exception of Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’ and of course ‘Sgt Peppers’, the LP ‘Forever Changes’ as captained by Love has always been my selection as ‘Best 60’s Album.’ The wild tribute as showcased on ‘Mondo Mutiny’ touches a heated surface in suggesting Love’s overcast & joyous contributions

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Arthur Lee and Love- On American Bandstand-1965- 'A Message To Pretty'

He was arguably the most under appreciated writer and singer of 60’s American popular music. Arthur and Love released three albums with core members Lee Echols (lead guitar, vocals), Bryan MacLean (guitar, vocals) Ken Forssi (bass).and Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer ( drums). Enjoy. 3 Min:30 Sec.

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Arthur Lee- The Forever Changes Concert- London, 2003- 51 Minutes

Some say it’s the finest recording of the 1960’s.It was released by Elektra Records and the band that created it was called Love.That album was “Forever Changes.” It’s primary writer and vocalist was a man who inspired Hendrix how to dress and dozens of Sunset Strip groups how to write. Arthur Lee.

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