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"A DIG THIS SPECIAL ATTRACTION" - "All Going Down Together" - Songs For Our Times (And Some Just Timeless) - A Soul, Folk, Blues and Rock Fest With James Brown, Irma Thomas, Van Morrison, Bobby Stevens, Phil Ochs, Death Cab For Cutie, P.F Sloan & More

1) All Going Down Together – Bobby Stevens 2) Down We Go- Kaleo 3) Mr. Nasty – The Remars 4) They Watered My Whiskey Down – Phil Burdett 5) Oh Baby Don’t You Weep – Part One – James Brown – CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL TRACK LIST

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In retrospect, the Checkmates Las Vegas Lounge Act heritage should have translated to the biggest stages of all. They were one of the first integrated acts of their period creating a sense of inclusion during a time of 60’s turmoil.

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Checkmates LTD - "Do The Walk (The Temptation Walk)" - Another Groover Composed by and Featuring the Unmistakable Soul Sound of Bobby Stevens - Dig Bobby as he Transmits His Vital Vocal Intuitions - Capitol Records, 1965, Produced by Nancy Wilson!

Bobby Stevens is one cool customer when it comes to delivering his brand of soulful splendor. These couple of vinyl minutes conduct a composed heat that make you want to do that ‘Temptation Walk” even if you haven’t a clue as to what the hell it is. Now that’s what I call cool.

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Checkmates LTD - "Love Is All I Have To Give" - The Majestic Bobby Stevens Vocal Combined With Phil Spector's Bombastic Construction Makes This Remembrance a Study In the Creative Pursuit of the Unattainable As It Simultaneously Sings Masterwork

The label of this 45 RPM release does not identify it as a Bobby Stevens recording. It truly should. Sonny Charles received top billing for ‘Black Pearl’ . ‘Pearl ’ may have gone top 10, but “Love Is All I have To Give” was the groups true creative zenith along with their Rustic Records sides.

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