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“Innocence and Experience”- Mesmerizing Master Thespian & Sensational Singer/Songwriter William Mesnik Engages the Absolute Poetic Purpose of William Blake Within An Admirable Journey–Written & Directed by Mr. Mesnik & Featuring Lovely April Morrow

We are pleased to present a 20 minute, abridged version of William Mesnik’s production “Innocence and Experience”. Bill devoted a year channeling the exquisite Blake poetry and giving birth to new melodic tones that could represent such beauty. The result is a silvery visit with Mr. Blake himself.

Posted 06/24/2014 12:39 PM

Innocence and Experience-"The Little Black Boy" & "On Another's Sorrow"-The Prophetic Eloquence of William Blake Rides the Wide, Wide Range of Master Actor and Musician Bill Mesnik's Intuitions as Assisted by his I &E Partner, the Gifted April Morrow

Blake had little idea as he designed illustrations for Dantes ‘Divine Comedy’ in 1825, that he would be recalled as the most inventive non conformist that ever lived. It has been well over two centuries since his first printed work ‘Political Sketches’ appeared in 1783. He continues to inspire.

Posted 02/05/2014 11:14 AM

Innocence and Experience-"The Angel" and "The Echoing Green"-Seasoned Actor Bill Mesnik and Actress April Morrow Have Combined Their Gifts O' Plenty To Honor The Voluminous Visions of Poet and Painter William Blake-They Hail This Innocence & Experience

I came of creative age with Bill Mesnik. We met at Bayside H.S in the borough of Queens, NY during the 60’s. We traveled from a teenage off Broadway concert at the Bowery Lane Theater to recording demos to being melodious roommates. Today, he is still one hell of a creative force to be reckoned with

Posted 12/28/2013 12:05 PM