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Naked City- "Bakers Dozen"- Television Drama Explored Early Creative Ground During the Run of This Premium Series - In This 1959 Installment Written by the Remarkable Stirling Silliphant, Legendary Actor Joseph Ruskin Stars as King of The Hitmen

A former top mob assassin is lured out of retirement by the opportunity to kill a kingpin for his 13th hit.PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY STORE

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Naked City- "The Canvas Bullet"- Diane Ladd, Anthony Franciosa, Vincent Gardenia and Rocky Graziano Star In This '59 Prizefight Fable From the Naked City Archives - Directed By Stuart Rosenberg of "Cool Hand Luke' and "The Pope of Greenwich Village" Fame

Prizefight life has been the source of aggressive plays, novels and motion pictures from the origin of these dramatic expressions. In this communication, we meet a battler who has run out of road but still elects to race regardless of the consequences. Through violence , some discover nobility.

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Naked City - "One, Two, Three, Rita Rakahowski" - 1963 - Another Visit To the Early Panarama of Television and a Dramatic, Poetic Purpose it Once Represented - The Haunting Workingman Persona of Anthony Franciosa Collides With Boss Nehemiah Persoff

This episode was written by Arnold Manoff, a fine storyteller who was blacklisted during the McCarthy era. He wrote five “Naked City”, three “Route 66” and one of “The Defenders” episodes under the alias Joel Carpenter. Director Robert Ellis Miller conducted “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter.”

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"Naked City" - Robert Duvall Returns To the Televised Boulevard of Broken Dreams - "Five Cranks For Winter, Ten Cranks For Spring" - The Great Duvall Lands Another Left Hook To the Solar Plexus of Character Intensity In This Vivid 1962 Tele Drama

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Naked City- "Prime of Life" - Another Radical Episode From The Annuls of Breakthrough Television- The Death Penalty Is Awarded Prime Time Analysis in This Event From '62- Plus! Gene Hackman Makes an Early, Modest Appearance During This Interlude

A small screen landscape was pursuing ‘braver’ as JFK displayed his unique courage back in ’62. It translated to delicate subject matter creeping over the radar after Joe McCarthy attempted to dismantle truth in America during the 50’s. “Naked City’ was paramount in waging this war of authenticity.

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Naked City - Revolutionary 60's Television Drama - This Episode : "The One Marked Hot Gives Cold" - Robert Duvall Crosses The T In Troubled As He Perfects The Definition of The Loner - This Is How The Home Screen Walked The Talk When TV Craft Was King

‘Naked City’ introduced audiences to the new voices T.V drama demanded. Thespians such as Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds, Sandy Dennis, Tony Franciosa and Robert Blake took startling televised turns of sensation and script to higher levels in the acting racket. This is the stuff dreams were made of.

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Christopher "Ronnie" Walken And Eddie Albert Star In Remarkable ''Naked City'' Television Episode From 1963.

“Naked City” was the gateway for the first major television appearances of actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Martin Sheen, Sandy Dennis, Burt Reynolds and many others. The writing was superlative and offered a brand of drama unseen on T.V prior.

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