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Stevie Ray Vaughn & Albert King- Live At Antones, Austin, Texas, Feb. 26 & 27, 1983 - Buddy Guy Invented the Hendrix Equation and Stevie Ray and Albert Enhanced it - Fabulous Performances By Two of the Last Great Six String Electronic Blues Expressionists

1) Crosscut Saw 2) So Excited 3) Voodoo Chile 4) The Things That I Used To Do 5) Pride and Joy 6) Tin Pan Alley

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Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Guy- "In Concert"- July 30, 1989, Chicago- The Teacher and a Dedicated, Eternally Profound Student Met For a Class In Blues Power 25 years Ago - These are a Brand of Electrifying Lessons We shall Never Encounter Again - 1 Hour

1.Still Called The Blues

2.Louisiana Blues/Don’t Throw Your Love On Me

3.Mary Had A Little Lamb

4.Leave My Girl Alone

5.Stormy Monday Blues

6.Mary Had A Little Lamb

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