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Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia and The Headhunters- One Of The First All Mexican Groups To Score An American Top 10 Record -These "East Side Sound" Of Los Angeles Pioneers Were Personally Requested By Paul McCartney To Open The Beatles 2nd American Tour In '64


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Beatles - "Dig It!" - The Original Condor 1987 CD Release - A Full Fab 4 Serving of Unreleased Rough Mixes, Acetates, Instrumental Tracks and Demos That Will Improve Your Life and Possibly Even Save The Planet! 80 Unearthed Minutes Well Spent- Dig It?

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The Beatles Sing For Shell Oil! Taped: Wednesday June 17,1964- Aired: Wednesday July 1, 1964 - From Melbourne, Australia

1964: Vietnam had yet to attain front burner status and few marches dealt with Middle East affiliations that noted a U.S propensity for High Test. Back then oil was simply the stuff that assisted acne, was required in our vehicles and kept the house warm. At least this was not ‘The Beatles For BP’.

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