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The GTO's- "Permanent Damage"- The Notorious and Exuberant Testament To the Once Upon a Time Groupie Scene as Captured by Frank Zappa in 1968- The Entire, Extremely Rare Straight Records LP! 30 Minutes

They were known as Girls Together Outrageously, a band of 7 festive, young nymphs devoted to frolicking with the male hormones of the 60’s R&R spectacle and running wild within the free revelations projected by Laurel Canyon and Sunset Boulevard. This LP captures that moment in time with perfection.

Posted 07/10/2014 11:50 AM

The GTO's - "Circular Circulation" – The 1969 Frank Zappa Produced Ode Performed By Laurel Canyon's Groupie Enigma, Girls Together Outrageously – From The LP "Permanent Damage", A Highly Desired Collectors Treat From The 60's Cultural Encounters

The GTO’s were a Frank Zappa experiment in esoteric, 60’s sexual culture wonderment as seen through the hearts of 5 diligent groupies from the CA Laurel Canyon scene. Their Bizarre Records release ‘Permanent Damage’ is also enchanting in it’s not so innocent bliss for those willing to submit.

Posted 05/23/2013 11:59 AM

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