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Charlie Watts - "Danish Radio Big Band" - 2010 Concert - It was Charlie's devotion to the art of Jazz that allowed him to work a job for 56 years that was not within the musical Kingdom of his true calling. He was a Jazz man at heart & The Stones Engine

“Apart from his long stint as the drummer of one of the most successful and certainly the longest running rock and roll band in the world, it’s not a secret Watts’s true love has always been jazz and that he has always had a deep appreciation for it.”.

Posted 08/24/2021 09:37 PM

The Rolling Stones- "Charlie Is My Darling- Ireland '65"- The Complete Motion Picture! A Renaissance Limited Exclusive!

In 1965 Andrew Loog Oldham, the Rolling Stones svengali, asked filmmaker Peter Whitehead (The Fall, Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London) to accompany them on a quick tour of Ireland. Whitehead was astonished. The result is a devout Pop Culture Document eclipsed only by “Don’t Look Back”

Posted 11/30/2012 02:44 PM

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