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"PUT ON A STACK OF 45's"- FRANK SINATRA - "THAT'S LIFE" - CHAPTER NINETY FIVE - Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians - Featuring Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland -The Boys Devote Each Episode To A Famed 45 RPM And Shine A Light Upon It's Import


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"PUT ON A STACK OF 45's"- JUDY COLLINS - "SEND IN THE CLOWNS" - CHAPTER SIXTY EIGHT- Featuring The Splendid Bohemians, Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland - The Boys Devote Each Episode To A Famed 45 RPM "Single" Release


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Frank Sinatra - The Last Performance - Palm Desert Marriott Ballroom, Palm Desert, California, February 25, 1995.- The Full Twenty Minute Performance In Honor Of What Would Have Been Frank's December 12, 105th Birthday - Introduction By Tom Dreesen

Introduction By Tom Dreesen - 1) “I’ve Got The World On A String” 2) “You Make Me Feel So Young” 3) “Fly Me To The Moon” 4) “Where or When” 5) “My Kind Of Town” 6) “The Best Is Yet To Come”

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Dig This Splendid Treatment of “Where Or When” Featuring Loretta Lynn, Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, Dino, Leslie Uggams, John Denver and Robert Merrill.

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"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" , Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland- Today's Testimony: "Sinatra! - Should This Lion Be Sleeping In The The Rock Hall Of Fame?" The Boys Deliberate This Inquiry and Other Chairman Contentions and Concepts- A Groove!

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Frank Sinatra - "On The Inside" - Volume One - Seventy Splendid Minutes of Chairman Outtakes From Mid 60's Reprise Records Sessions - Mr. S Performs Multiple Takes of Pop Music Prizes, Owning the Tune and the Night, One Bold Breath at a Time

This is Mr. Sinatra attempting to discover a zone of sacred inflection, releasing notes designed to complete the song. He usually got it right. These recorded insights gives us an out of this world sighting of and into the process that made him the most important Pop voice of the last 7 decades.

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Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - The Unseen 1977 Westchester Premier 'Goodfellas' Theater TV Special - Part Two - Frank and Dino Kick It Old School In This Final Segment of Their Never Aired Television Special Taped In New York In 1977

He changed the game. He altered the terrain in the same fashion Al Jolson had decades earlier. And Like Jolson, Frank would discover the darkness of being left to the time Godz, as those sands of change shifted away and then back for good. Great is great and Sinatra remains the state of the Art.

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Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - The Unseen 1977 Westchester 'Goodfellas' Theater TV Special-Part One-Two Kings of Cool Dealing a Loaded Gun of Fun- So Good, It's Criminal! Our Very Special Thanks To The Late Greg Garrison - Feb. 20, '24 – Mar. 25, '05

The dressing room of the Westchester ‘Gambino’ Theater was the locale of the famed photo that displayed Frankie with a variety of crime family nitwits. These were vicious cats & ‘The Chairman’ dug the thrill of hanging with such Goodfellas. There is a new mob in control today. Wall Street.

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