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"PUT ON A STACK OF 45's" - John & Yoko / The Plastic Ono Band with the Harlem Community Choir- "HAPPY CHRISTMAS ( THE WAR IS OVER )" CHAPTER SEVENTY THREE - IN LOVING MEMORY OF CHEMAYNE HALVERSON MESNIK - JAN. 6, 1967- DEC. 23, 2020


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John Lennon- Madison Square Garden - Aug. 30, 1972- The "One To One" Willowbrook Benefit - John Gets a Little Help From His Friends Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack on "Give Peace A Chance"- 25 Minutes

1) Mother 05:14

2) We’re All Water 05:06

3) Come Together 04:29

4) Give Peace A Chance 07:40

5) Imagine

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John Sinclair - The Tale of a Rock 'N Roll Revolutionary and a Radical Savior Named Lennon

Some suggest that it was easy for a radical such as Sinclair to confront the sour powers of the 60’s horizon and flaunt an inflamed disregard. And then they sent him up the big river big time. He felt that Cannabis was a human right. 43 years later we see the danger of another Prohibition.

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John Lennon and Phil Ochs- History Recorded In A Room At The Chelsea Hotel in NYC, 1971!

John Lennon possessed a limitless curiousity and enthusiasm regarding life, song and political matters. Therfore, it was of little surprise to those who knew him when Lennon proposed a meet with the immortal Phil Ochs. Here is a short, endearing portion of that historical encounter.

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